Stark brigandine armor.   This armor is a great replica of the Stark family armor.  Worn by Ned, Rob and the Stark army. Jon Snow’s in slighly different.  Please see Jon Snow page The armor is pretty complex and has hard leather plates sandwiched and riveted in between the top leather layer and cloth lining.  Not sure how many plates there are exactly I’d say upwards of 300 with about 4 rivets a plate, so you can images how much handwork this is for me to make.  Full set includes brigandine armor, soft gray gambeson, and fur cape.  I can make belt and scabbard at extra cost but need a replica sword to do so.  Sword, gloves, pants, boots not included.  This set is made custom to your sizes.  Please email me about size details.

Stark Brigandine armour = $1700

Fur topped cloak – $300-$700  (depends on what kind of fur you want)

Gambeson =$500

ned17 ned19
Ned Stark doublet, fur cape, and cloth gambeson set.  This set is made custom to your sizes.  Email me to discuss prices on items and sizes:
ned12 ned7 ned6

I make armor custom to your sizes.  Typical turn around on replica armor is 4-8 weeks right now.   If you need something by a certain date let me know: