Welcome to my site! I am a costume and prop designer with over twenty years of experience whose work has appeared in feature films, cable television and costumed Star Wars performances at Walt Disney theme parks.  I have a passion for historically based armor and costumes ranging from the Bronze Age to The Crusades. I also create replica film and television props from Star Wars,  Game of Thrones, and Gladiator to name a few.

I offer a wide range of high-quality leather crafted items and costumes, and I also enjoy creating custom, one-of-a-kind items. Click the images below to see examples of my work – I would love the chance to create a custom-made replica piece for you.

email:  mattmp40@gmail.com

Below are a few examples of my work:

Star Wars



Game of Thrones




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I typically do not keep stock although I do a few sets of armor on display.  Typical turn around on replicas is 3-6 weeks and on custom orders a bit longer.   If you need something by a certain date , please let me know and I’m sure I can make it happen:  mattmp40@gmail.com